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The philosophy behind the Kolping guest house.

The philosophy of the association's founder, Adolph Kolping, is based on the principle of holistic human development, emphasizing the connection between faith, education, and social responsibility. Kolping Meran and the Kolping organization advocate for social justice, solidarity, education, and family protection. The Kolping philosophy encourages members to actively engage in creating a better society and to support each other. It stands for Christian values, solidarity, and commitment to the common good.

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A house with history(s)



Founding of the Kolpingsfamilie Meran

Adolph Kolping and Dean Anton Santer founded the first association in Merano. Theater performances, festivals, and sports activities take place at the Gesellenhaus, the Löwenwirtshaus in the center. Through various events, the Gesellenverein Meran (now Kolping Meran) promotes community and unity among its members.


Construction of the Art Nouveau Hotel Regina

Around the turn of the century, the Hotel Regina was built in the charming Art Nouveau style in Maia Alta. The establishment quickly became a popular and well-known city hotel in Merano. The elegant facade with intricately wrought iron balconies still radiates the incomparable charm of that era today.

1918 - 1939

New Meeting Point at St. Josef Hospice

Following World War II, the shortage of housing and accommodations became increasingly noticeable. In the spirit of Adolph Kolping, the St. Josef Hospice was built to provide lodging for workers and craftsmen. The establishment quickly became a popular meeting place for cultural and sporting events, particularly among young people and working professionals.

1939 - 1960

Challenges for Club Activities

Like all German-speaking associations, the Gesellenverein suffered a severe setback due to fascist repression. It wasn't until 1951 that club activities experienced a revival with theater performances and celebrations. However, in 1960, the authorities closed the theater hall because the Kolping House no longer met legal requirements.


Planning of the New Kolping House

In 1979, it was finally decided to demolish the Kolping House and build a new one in its place. The planning was already completed when the South Tyrolean regional government expressed interest in acquiring the former Hotel Regina in Merano and, in return, selling the old guild house.


Establishment of the "Kolpinghaus Meran" Association

Due to bureaucratic circumstances, the independent association "Kolpinghaus Meran" is founded, succeeding the Catholic guild association. This association acquires the majority shares of Hotel Regina GmbH, which is subsequently renamed Kolpinghaus Meran GmbH and later merges with the Kolpinghaus Meran e.V. association.


Purchase of Hotel Regina

The Kolpinghaus Meran association takes the courageous step of acquiring the former Hotel Regina in Merano. Until the planning work is completed, the hotel is used to accommodate the seniors of the Untermais retirement home. In 1999, the foundation stone for today's Kolpinghaus is laid, followed immediately by renovation and expansion.


Opening of the Hotel Kolping

The Kolping guest house is ceremoniously opened. It now comprises 29 guest rooms, 45 student rooms, seminar rooms, a cafeteria, a swimming pool, a bar, a rooftop terrace, lounges for children and teenagers, an underground parking garage, and a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Adolph Kolping.


From city hotel to feel-good place

Several renovation works have transformed the 3-star hotel into a popular destination for holidays in Merano. All hotel rooms have been refurbished, and the café and bistro have been redesigned. The latest addition is the modern spa area, featuring a Finnish sauna, steam room, relaxation areas, whirlpool, and rooftop terrace.

Encounters enrich

The focus is on togetherness.

The Kolpinghaus Merano is a place to socialise and be sociable. Which is why we don't just have a city hotel here, but also a student home and event location.

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